• Image of Axe To Grind 2015
  • Image of Axe To Grind 2015
  • Image of Axe To Grind 2015

I love to make towers. They are like portraits to me, expressing mood and character.
This one is titled "Axe To Grind", which was the theme for my body of work and installations for the studio in 2015. That year brought me a lot of changes and challenges. I was doing what I felt I needed in order to exorcise a few demons and come to terms with certain frustrations. Those works from that time are my account of those exciting and sometimes muddled trials.

The tower is made from carbon transfers, acrylic, pencil and ink. It is difficult to see in the photos that the gold and copper is quite vibrant, iridescent and shimmer depending on the angle they are viewed from. The tableau is encased in a layer of micro crystalline wax which has been heated and buffed. I love wax, it eliminates the need for glass which I find to be very disruptive with this particular media.

There are lots of layers and a lot of love goes into making this guy.
The tower is made on 1/4" MDF board and are mounted on 3/4" squares of pine so it is ready to hang while leaving the option to frame.


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